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2017-2018 TWOA State and TWOA-DFW Chapter Meeting Materials


2017 TWOA-DFW Local Chapter Clinic
TWOA-DFW 2017 Chapter Clinic Presentation Deck
- NFHS Rules Presentation
- Coaches Input / Comments
- Financial Report- Brian Sanfilippo
- Uil Report- Randy Sachs
- Scheduling- Eric Dobey
- Arbiterpay- Dennis McGrane: ALL OFFICIALS NEED TO REGISTER: http://www.arbiterpaytexas.com
- Clinic / Meeting Dates
- Misc and Closing


2017-2018 TWOA State Clinic Presentation on NFHS Rule Changes
TWOA 2017-2018 State Clinic Presentation on NFHS Rule Changes
- NFHS Rules Book as E-Books
- Uniforms: Rule 4-1-1a-c
- Weight Management: Rule 4-5-3
- Fall: Rules 5-11-1, 5-11-5, 5-15-2a-c
- Referee Position: Rule 5-19-10
- Dual Meet Scoring Erros: Rule 6-6-4a1
- Tournament Scoring Erros: Rule 6-6-5a1
- Illegal Maneuvers: Rule 7-1-2, 7-1-5w
- Stalling: Rule 7-6-4d
- Other Editorial and Verbiage Changes for Clarity
- Points of Emphasis with Weight Management
- Points of Emphasis with Preventing Communicable Skin Conditions
- Points of Emphasis with Cleanliness of Uniforms and Pads
- Points of Emphasis with Proper Covering and Padding of Braces
- Points of Emphasis with Stalemate and Fleeing the Mat
- Points of Emphasis with Illegal Moves: Salto and Suplay
- Points of Emphasis with Start of Each Match
- NFHS Officials Association Central Hub
- NFHS Learning Center and Free Courses Available Online: Register and Take Courses at https://www.nfhslearn.com


TWOA-DFW 2016 / 2017 Chapter Meeting Materials


November 11, 2016
TWOA DFW Chapter Finance Report ( 11/7/2016 )
TWOA DFW Chapter Meeting Presentation ( 11/7/2016 )
TWOA DFW Chapter Meeting Minutes ( 11/7/2016 )

Meeting Agenda :

Meeting Highlights :

  • Treasurer's Report
    • Accepted
  • Rules Interpretations and Questions
    • Laces MUST be taped to the shoes (cannot be taped around the laces only) - Or - the shoes need to have a velcro strap to secure the laces.
      • Double-knotting is no longer acceptable.
      • Tell coaches and wrestlers in advance (during the pre-meet).
      • RULING: If a wrestler does not have his laces taped to the shoe, it is a technical violation, one point for the opponent and start injury time. Be unapologetic about it.
      • Be tough on front end and stay consistently tough throughout the season to reduce issues in the postseason. Coaches have been notified that this will be enforced.
    • Uniform Notes:
      • Rules now specifically state wrestling shoes must be worn. No weightlifting shoes.
      • Headgear has to be specifically for wrestling. Randall Balch mentioned a wrestling helmet that has been developed. That helmet is not approved.
      • Shirts under the singlet must be single, solid color, unadorned (one manufacturer logo no bigger than a 2 inch square). No longer than short sleeve.
    • Referees should be at weigh ins and conduct all skin checks. (only exception is when the coach states in advance that an authorized medical professional will be at weigh ins). If a wrestler clears skin checks in the morning, they are not clear for the entire day if something emerges or was missed.
    • Points of Emphasis on Rule 7-2-2(g), Potentially Dangerous Maneuvers Related to a situation where the defensive wrestler is standing or being lifted in the air, with one or both arms trapped, creating a situation where wrestler is defenseless when being returned to the mat.
      RULING: As is also noted in pictures 101 and 102 within the 2016-2017 NFHS Wresting Rule Book (Page 80) and currently determined by the Texas State Rules Interpreter, the match is stopped in order to protect the defensive wrestler and called Potentially Dangerous EVERY TIME.
  • Evaluations
  • Scheduling
    • Verify All Information Is Correct And Up To Date On Assignr
    • Respond To Assignments In A Timely Manner - ASAP!
    • Jv Officials Try To Get As Much Mat Time As Possible
  • Chapter Website
    • Special Thank You to Chapter Vice President, Brian Jones, for Providing Significant Content Contributions
    • Acknowledged Contributions of Site Administrator, Matt Nole
    • Presented Chapter Website Purpose and Direction for Website Design
    • Overview of Current Pages
    • Brief Demo for Mobile Browsers
  • Miscellaneous / Open Discussion
    • Mentor Program and Mentor Assignments
    • UIL 1204 Fee Schedules ( PDF )


TWOA-DFW Past Chapter Meeting Presentation Materials


2016 TWOA-DFW Chapter Basic School Presentation
TWOA-DFW 2016 Beginners Clinic


2012 TWOA State Meeting
TWOA 2012 State Clinic
- Protecting the Athletes
- Technical Violations (Rules 5-27 and 7-3)
- Illegal Holds/Maneuvers (Rules 5-14 and 7-1)

  • Smart/stupid is not our concern.
  • Legal/illegal, safe/unsafe are our concern.
  • No wrestler should be forced to choose between injury or position.
  • Illegal hold/maneuvers will cause the match to stop to penalize.
    Exception, when a wrestler is in a pinning situation, if the violation can be cleared and the match can continue safely, do not stop the match.
  • Technical violations are punished when the action stops.
  • Protect the athletes, usually from each other, sometimes from themselves themselves.


October 2011: Points of Emphasis on Rule Changes for Line Calls
2011-2012 Line Calls
- 2011-2012 Line Calls
- Edge of Mat Calls: Are these takedowns or not?
- Edge of Mat Calls: Near-Fall, Fall or Out of Bounds?


Please Submit Questions to Rules_Intepreter@twoa-dfw.org



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