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TWOA-DFW Mission

The University Interscholastic League is dedicated to offering character-building, educational competition to member school students in Texas. In an attempt to give appropriate athletic competition to our student-athletes, it is imperative that we have a policy in place addressing the correct and incorrect way to conduct oneself as it pertains to UIL sanctioned events, whether it be in practice, competition or outside of the athletic arena. As officials, we strive to contribute to this positive experience for student-athletes.


The mission of Texas Wrestling Officials Association-DFW is to:

  • Provide Training for New Officials.
  • Provide a Forum to study Rules and Mechanics regularly.
  • Promote camaraderie among our Members.
  • Produce a positive image of the Officials in our community.


Find out if you have what it takes to become a high school wrestling official. You will get as much out of the experience as you put into it.
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TWOA-DFW Chapter Committees:

Education and Training, Lead by Jose Delgado ( Education_Committee@twoa-dfw.org )

The Education and Training Committee is composed of three or more members. Since this committee can vary in size over the course of a season, it is the only committee that requires a Co-Chairman.

  • Committee Members
    • A Chairman who is a Master official.
    • A Co-Chairman who is at least a Certified official.
    • At Large Member(s) who is at least an Approved official.
      Note: This is the only committee with open membership as the education and training needs of the Chapter may require members to be added and released as needed.
  • Committee Responsibilities
    • Organizing State Clinic Presentations as based on acceptance of a presentation topic from the Chapter by the State President or his proxy that is organizing the State Clinic
    • Conducting Chapter Basic School Clinic for all "new" officials and those officials who need remedial training.
      - Any Chapter official can attend and can be substituted for attendance at the Chapter Clinic
      - Coaches will be encouraged to attend
    • Conducting remedial training for those officials that may be affected by Chapter judgment
    • Assignment of Mentors (existing chapter officials) to new officials
      - Each new official will be assigned a mentor
      - The mentor will either live or work in the same general geographic location as the new official
    • Conducting clinics for coaches (as requested)
    • Conducting "Evaluator" training as requested (as a service to the Evaluation Committee)
    • Reporting to the Sec/Treas in writing on the completion of individual training activities
    • Providing checklists and procedure documents in regard to your duties as an official, official's responsibilities, Head Official activities, and etc.


Evaluations, Lead by Brian SanFilippo ( Evaluations_Committee@twoa-dfw.org )

The Evaluation Committee is composed of five (5) members.

  • Committee Members
    • A Chairman who is a Master official
    • A Co-Chairman who is a Master official
    • Two members who are at least, Certified officials
    • One member who is an Approved official
  • Committee Responsibilities
    • Collection and summation of member evaluations
    • Definition of chapter ranking categories
    • Review of all current member rankings in regard to recommended promotions or demotions
    • Suggesting changes to the current Chapter Referee Evaluation form and other "evaluation" forms as they are created.
      Note: The Chapter Referee Evaluation form and any other Chapter related forms are "owned" by the Chapter President. He is responsible for any actual updates. The forms are contained within the Chapter Library which is administered by the Secretary / Treasurer
    • Change in Ranking Recommendations in writing to the Chapter President
      - Promotions Occur Once, at season's end and prior to the next year's State Clinic
      - All promotion recommendations are reviewed by the Chapter President and are subject to veto
      - Demotions an occur at any time during the season
      - All demotion recommendations are reviewed by the Chapter President and are subject to veto
      - Any approved demotions are communicated by the Chapter President and are automatically presented to the Grievance Committee
    • Failure to Maintain Ranking (FMR) Warning - Can occur at any time during the season and after season
      - Member has failed to maintain a criteria for his current ranking
      - All FMR Warnings are reviewed by the Chapter President and are subject to veto
      - Any approved FMR Warnings are communicated by the Chapter President and are automatically presented to the Grievance Committee and the Education and Training Committee
    • Maintaining the list of on-site "Evaluators"


Grievances, Lead by Brian Jones ( Grievances_Committee@twoa-dfw.org )

The Grievance Committee is composed of three (3) members. Any of the three members can be the Committee Chairman. The three committee members will form a Bench with the three Executive Board members. The Executive Board members are only involved from the viewpoint of the Bench. All other activities are handled by the three members.

  • Committee Members
    • One Member who is a Master official
    • One Member who is a Certified official
    • One Member who is an Approved official
  • Bench
  • The bench is composed of six members - the three Grievance Committee members and the three Executive Board members.
    • All votes taken by the Bench based on actions initiated by the Grievance Committee must be unanimous.
    • The Chapter President is responsible for communicating all approved grievance actions by the Bench to the affected member and as needed to the Chapter membership and the TWOA State President.
    • The Chapter President is responsible for enforcement of any approved action by the Bench
  • Committee Responsibilities
    • Receiving and recording "confirmed" grievance/violation/FMR warning reports
      Grievance reports from fellow members, coaches, parents, TWOA President, and UILSO are usually submitted directly to the Chapter President either in writing or by telephone.
      - If a grievance report is received by a member of the Grievance Committee, the report will be shared with the Chapter President as soon as possible and prior to any follow up.
      - The Chapter President is responsible for "confirming" that the grievance/violation report was submitted as the result of an incident. He may confer with the Executive Board and affect parties. Note: Hearsay cannot be the basis for a report.
      - Violation reports can be supplied by civil or law enforcement groups. Violation reports can be generated by the Chapter President as the result of investigating newspaper or word-of-mouth notifications.
      - FMR Warning reports are supplied by the Evaluation Committee.
      - The Grievance Committee cannot instigate a grievance/violation/FMR Warning report.
    • Grievance / Violation Report Data Gathering, Investigation, and Assessment Sources
      - Chapter President
      - Evaluation Committee
      - UILSO
      - Coach
      - Parent
      - Spectator
      - Fellow Referee
      - Civil
      - Criminal
    • Proposed Disciplinary Action or Non-action with supporting documentation
    • Processing Appeals of all types
      - Any action taken by the President will be appealed
    • Recommending remediation actions for Appeals
    • Recommending Penalties for Disciplinary Actions
      - Mandatory penalties are denoted in the UILSO, TWOA, and Chapter bylaws/addenda
    • Notifying Chapter Secretary of UILSO action and committee actions
      Note: UILSO actions can supersede all actions by the committee


Recommendation and Assignment Committee, Lead by Zane Stapp ( Assignment_Committee@twoa-dfw.org )

The Recommendation and Assignment Committee is composed of three (3) members.

  • Committee Members
    • Two members who are Master officials
    • One member who is a Certified official
  • Committee Responsibilities
    Please note that the committee does not assign any officials to events. The use of "Assignment" in the committee name is a result of the UILSO providing names for the committees.
    • Reviews results of Evaluation Committee tabulation of received Evaluation Forms
    • Gathers input from the Grievance Committee
    • Gathers input from Coaches
    • Gathers input from Scheduler as per ByLaws
    • Gathers input from Secretary / Treasurer as per ByLaws
    • Provides Chapter list of Eligible Regional and State Officials



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